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3 Books that I believe will make your quarantine better.

Updated: Jan 31

“A room without books is like a bird without wings”

  • The Mystery Of Three Quarters

Most of you must be already knowing about this book but if not, here is a brief description:

This is another Hercule Poirot mystery written by Sophie Hannah. Hercule Poirot was the original creation of Agatha Christie and since the books ended, Sophie has been the one to bring them back to us. This book features the mysterious death of an old man, Barnabas Pandy. A person undercover is sending letters to random people accusing them of murdering Pandy, signed in the name of Poirot. Will Poirot be able to find out whether the death was actually a murder or just a death because of natural causes? Will he be able to tell who was the one to write the letters? Read the book to find out.

  • The Secrets Within Me

The Secrets Within Me is a recent book written by Liana Ramirez. This book tells the story of a young girl called Magi Davis. Magi has a lot of strange things going on in her life since her father gave her a beautiful Egyptian necklace. Then it turns out that the necklace itself has a huge backstory to it.

This story honestly has a wonderful plot and is a great book to read if you are looking for something adventurous and thrilling.

Also, the best thing about it is that you can read it for free on kindle unlimited !

  • The Princess Imposter

This book is also a great plot written by Vivian Vande Velde. Vivian has written an incredible imaginary fairy tale which shows an interaction of human and fairy world. A mischievous and a troublemaker fairy, Phleg, has taken the place of a posh and a very soft spoken Princess, Gabriella. What will happen if somebody finds out? How will Princess Gabriella manage to live in a world completely different from her own? Will Phleg mess up Princess Gabriella’s life? These questions will be answered once you read the book.

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