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Answering most asked questions about Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

Updated: Jan 31

Whenever I read a book, my mind is always flooded with questions about it. And being a reader, I can say that many of you do too. Keeping my problems as a reader in mind, I decided to answer the questions that many people, including me, had in their minds while reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone.

So, I went through many online platforms where people can ask questions and picked out a few which have been asked a lot of times or the ones that were not answered sufficiently.

While some of these questions are just based on opinion and general talk, some of them demand information.

Now let's jump straight into the questions!

1) What houses would you put the golden trio in, if Gryffindor was not an option?

I think the answer is pretty obvious. I would put Harry in Slytherin because I think he has an ambitious side to him which is ignored in the movies but is shown pretty well in the books.

I would put Hermione in Ravenclaw, obviously, because she is an "insufferable know-it-all" (don't take it seriously, I love her).

And for Ron, I would put him in Hufflepuff because he is extremely loyal and friendly.

but even after saying all this, I believe that the sorting hat has made a great decision of putting them all in Gryffindor because, they all share a common trait, which is bravery.

2) In what order would you rank all the seven books and why?

honestly, I don,t have a particular order for the ranking of these books because I think they all are wonderful in their own ways. But, if I had to, I would rank them in this order:

  1. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

  2. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

  3. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

  4. Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix

  5. Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

  6. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

  7. Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Here is the reason:

I enjoyed reading Prisoner of Azkaban so much that it was difficult to put it down. I think a lot of effort was put into this book.

I ranked Goblet of Fire second because after Prisoner of Azkaban, this one was the most hooking. I enjoyed reading about the tournament, the yule ball, Voldemort's return and probably everything in this book.

Chamber of Secrets is the third in my list because it was a little less scary then the others and was a quick read.

Order of Phoenix was a great book because it contained every little detail and was very precise. not to mention, it was the longest but still very easy to read.

Philosopher's Stone is a book that points towards innocence but also bravery. It also shows that Harry was very special and loved, and it makes me feel better when I am having a bad day.

As for the Deathly Hallows and The Half-Blood Price, I must say that I liked them a lot too but the others were just much more precise and detailed. I feel like while writing this book Rowling might have simply lost interest in detailed writing and wrote whatever strolled into her mind which left many questions and plot holes.

3) Why do you think Dumbledore gave Gryffindor exactly the number of points it needed to win the house cup? Was he biased?

For this one, I don't think Dumbledore was biased, because the points Gryffindor got were the points they deserved. To the person asking this question, why do you think Snape took away points from Gryffindor for merely telling the answer correctly? We don't think of Snape as biased, do we? Then we also can't say that Dumbledore was biased. He, in my opinion, was just trying to give Gryffindor give back the amount of points they lost because of nothing. End of discussion.

4) Why did it take Voldemort 11 years to steal the stone?

In my opinion, it took Voldemort 11 years to take the stone mainly because he needed a body to do the task. He was in a very weak state and it was not even possible for him to move! How do people think it was possible to steal the stone the moment he took it?

5) Why do you think Draco wanted to be in Slytherin?

Draco probably wanted to be Slytherin because his whole ancestry had been in slytherin house. It's like he thought that he belonged there since birth. We all know Draco was a very ambitious person, he thought of himself as superior from others and there is a high chance that is why he wanted to be in Slytherin.

So, these were all the questions that I could collect, but if you have any more, kindly let me know on instagram which is @joynwit or @ayushiarora1627

Do visit me on Instagram if you want to give me any suggestions or discuss something long related to the website.

Please remember I am always open to learning more things and listening to all your suggestions.

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