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Answering most asked questions about The Fault in Our Stars

Updated: Jan 31

Before we start, let me just take a few moments of your time to tell you that this post is the second part of this one, just check it out after reading this one, you will definitely enjoy.

These posts are actually going to give information to you, so I thought, why not write one more? I really enjoyed writing this and trust me you will enjoy reading this too.

Once again, some of these questions are based on general talk while some actually demand information.

I went on the internet and found some questions that arise in people's mind while reading The Fault in Our Stars. And luckily, I am able to come up with the answers to them!

In this post, we are going to answer only 5 questions and if you have any other questions regarding this book or even any other book, please take some time to DM me right here or email me on Now let's answer some questions!

1) Is this book too emotional?

Yes. But then again it depends solely on your personality. If you are sensitive, you will definitely get really emotional, but if not, then it is a pretty easy read for you! I found it quite emotional even though I tried not to, I did get sad. But it is definitely worth a read, at least once. Go and grab your copies!

2) What does An Imperial Affliction have to do with Hazel's own life?

For those of you who haven't read TFIOS or watched the movie yet, you might not know about An Imperial Affliction. It is a book that Hazel loves to read written by Peter Van Houten. The book tells the story of a girl who has cancer and dies at the end. Hazel, as many of you already know, has cancer too. She relates to that book solely in terms of having cancer. Other than that, the book has nothing to do with Hazel but Van Houten's own daughter who dies of the disease too.

3) What do you think of Peter Van Houten? How would you describe him?

I would describe Van Houten as a horrible person with a horrible back story. He had a terrible nature but he carried that personality because of a reason, which, of course, I am not going to mention because, hello, SPOILERS!! He behaved really badly when Hazel and Augustus first met him but at the end, we get to know he was not that bad after all. Peter Van Houten was not a bad person in reality.

4) Why does Hazel feel so desperate to find out what happens beyond the ending of An Imperial Affliction? What does this indicate about her need for understanding about what comes “after”?

The sad reality of An Imperial Affliction is that it ends mid-sentence. Tragic, right? Yes, I know. Just like any other reader would, Hazel had curiosity in her mind as to what the girl in the story was going to say. I mean come on, won't you feel curious? I certainly would. This indicates two things, one, she was a determined reader and two, she had a curious mind. And I am thankful that the fault in our stars didn't end mid-sentence.

5) Why does Augustus decide to use his wish to go to Amsterdam?

First off, "wish" here has a story to it. According to the book, every child fighting cancer gets a wish from an organisation which they will fulfil, but only once. Since Hazel gave that book to Gus to read, he found it interesting and was curious too. And because Hazel had already used up hers in visiting Disneyland, Gus decided to use his to go to Amsterdam to visit Van Houten along with Hazel and her mother, since he didn't answer any fan mail.

Now, as I have answered all the questions, I also know that some of you mightn't agree with me. And please if you don't, leave a comment or even reach me privately with the chat option. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember to read part 1 which is about Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone ( and also the About page, if you can). Have a great day ahead!

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