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The Fault in Our Stars: Did you like the ending?

Updated: Jan 31

My review:

Yes, this is a great book, but, even though I am a huge lover of this book, I did have some genuine concerns. If I had to give this book a rating, I would most likely give 4.5 stars. Why? The answer is simple, this book’s ending was not enough to satisfy the readers’ curiosity. We all wanted to know what happens to Hazel after Gus’ death. How many years did she manage to live? Was she cured and fit and fine?

We all were certainly disappointed by the ending but let’s not forget how much effort and thought was put into the book by John Green. “My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations”. Also, It has given some messages to inspire and aware the readers, and some of them have actually changed my perspective of looking at the world. This book has given a clear message that sometimes, when something has become a part of your life, it doesn’t completely go (like Gus’ illness).

I went through Goodreads, and i think some people are being really cruel to this book. Even I feel like the some elements were missing, but we certainly cannot ignore the part of the book which was exceptionally good.

I believe John Green has thought out of the box to write the quotes in the book, and we all are in no place to criticize his perspective of thinking.

I am always open to read your reviews, so, if you feel like there is something in this blog that you don’t agree with, feel free to reach me via the comment section or the conversation box.

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