The Hunger Games Series- Is it really that violent?

Updated: Jan 31

Hello! So an early post huh? Well that is because it is going to be a short one. And I won't be bothering you again the entire post so that you can enjoy Maanya's beautiful writing skills without any interruptions. All the love- Ashi <3

I have read many reviews about this book. Some are good, some are bad. People say it's a way too violent series and that is an opinion I fully respect and agree with to some extent. Today we'll be looking at both positive and negative points of this series. So without any further ado, let's begin!

A Little Overview if you are unfamiliar with this series :)

Hunger Games is all related to it's title. But there are major differences to look upon. Many people think it's violent( I agree with them) and not for faint hearts. I only suggest you to read it if you have a keen interest in thriller books. This series consists of 3 books and a prequel which is completely optional to buy.

This series is written by a wonderful author whose name is Suzanne Collins. You can also go and check out her other series.

  1. Positive Points in the series

  • This series is actually quite good and in fact it's one of the best series I have read in past year.

  • It gets a bit boring at first but slowly it becomes more and more interesting.

  • It shows strong female characters which is appreciated by everyone.

  • It has great plots.

  • Personally, I think it is a great thriller series.

  • It portrays great survival skills.

2. Negative Points in the series

  • This series is actually quite scary.

  • It portrays murders.

  • I will recommend 13+ to read it.

  • It has very cruel characters and animals( You will know what I'm talking about after reading the books.)

My over all opinion-

This series absolutely great and as a reader it will not disappoint you. But I will personally recommend to be read by 13+ reader as it has violent scenes. But if you are under 13 and are not scared of violent scenes, then go for it. I'm sure you will find this series a good one. And if you guys want a more detailed and precise review or need someone to talk about books, don't hesitate to contact us.

Always happy to help,

Ashi and Maanya :)

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