The Kane Chronicles-The worst series by Rick Riordan? I beg to differ.

Updated: Jan 31

Rick Riordan is a renowned name in the world of books. He's best known for his mythological fiction series Percy Jackson. He has written many great series. One of his most underrated book series is The Kane Chronicles. I heard many people saying they are huge fans of Rick Riordan, but whenever I ask them if they have read The Kane Chronicles, all I get is a blank expression. I always feel that this trilogy is the most underrated series ever. Many people have a misconception that it's related to Egypt so it might be boring, but that's not a case in this one.

Trust me, this is one of the best series I've ever read. The way of writing captures the concentration and attention of the reader from the very first sentence.

As a keen reader, my honest opinion about this series is that this series is fabulous. it is very easy to read and has a page full of meanings of Egyptian words. It has many huge plot twists.

There are 3 novels in this series along with a survival guide which is completely optional to buy.

1. The Red Pyramid

It's the very first book of the series. It's very enjoyable and hilarious. It has a lot of mysteries. It's basically an introduction to the magical world of the KANE CHRONICLES along with a bit of action, mystery, humor and sarcasm .It's worth of your each and every penny.

To be honest, as an avid reader I have read many series but the starter of this series is better than the rest because it's not that childish and the characters are truly marvelous.

2. The Throne Of Fire

How do I even begin to explain this book? My appreciation for this book is beyond words. This book isn't a filler for this trilogy but is the most hilarious and the most heartbreaking one. There's some parts that made me really emotional, I can tell you the parts but I don't think you'd like that a lot.

As I was saying, this one is kind of hilarious and emotional at the same time. The way Rick introduces new characters is just mind blowing.

3. The Serpent's Shadow

So now we come to the conclusion of this trilogy which is The Serpent's Shadow. If you are a fan of action, this book is definitely for you. I'm not going to give you are guys a spoiler cause I know all book lovers hate spoilers. Anyways, the conclusion is great. It has a lot of mystery in it and overall it is a great one too.

A wee little overview-

The main characters of this trilogy are Sadie and Carter. They are under those circumstances in which they have no choice but to do something or watch the end of human era. Untrained, they have no choice but to renew a path on their own. If you are a book lover or Rick Riordan fan, this series is a must read as it will not disappoint you. Set in Egypt, this is full of magic, mystery, sarcasm and humor.

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