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This one was a PAIN to finish?! My response to a brutal goodreads review on my favourite book!

Updated: Jan 31

So before I start with this I would like you all to keep these things in mind:

  1. My response will be completely based on the facts and how I think that the statements could be written in a positive way.

  2. There might be a few alterations in the review such as grammatical errors, spoilers etc.

The Review:

"This one was A PAIN to finish! Any Potterhead would loathe me for this, but I really hated this book! I love Sirius Black and I was so excited at the beginning to read about him....little did I know all I was going to get was tens and tens pages about Quidditch matches and "secret" visits to Hogsmeade! Gosh, it made me so angry! Like, I'd finish one chapter that had absolutely NOTHING to do with Sirius., and be like, "Ok, hopefully this one will start with his story;" which is supposed to be the story of this novel, but NOPE. Rowling had other ideas. Talking about sports and sneaking out of Hogwarts was more interesting to her than the main plot of the story, obviously. And even when Sirius finally appeared and there was a part about him, It was too little and too late. It wasn't worth the agony I had to go through reading the first 90% of the book to get to that point. What a disappointment."

Now, Here is what I have to say:

First of all, I know that goodreads is a platform where people express their views on certain books, and I am doing exactly the same, So, all those who agree with the review above I am in no position to offend you.

Okay now coming to the review, as you all can see it is a one star review which states Rowling going off topic. One of the major things that writing includes is adventure and I believe that I would rather put it as a book in which the author has explored the magic world really well. So basically the person writing this review wants that JK should have introduced Sirius sooner. If she did that would she be able to tell what happens to Harry in the entire year other than just trouble? No. It is very disappointing that people want books, even long novels to be straight to the point. Let's assume it was only about Sirius, then would she be able to connect the dementors with Sirius Black without writing about what happens during the Quidditch match? And without Harry going to Hogsmeade would he be able to know that Sirius was James' friend and he possibly "betrayed" them?

To this review, all I want to say is, put yourself in a child's shoes and then read it, you will find "secret" visits to Hogsmeade and Quidditch matches much more amusing.

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